UN Human Rights Council

The UNHRC regularly reviews the situation for human rights in all UN member states via the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Every year, 48 countries are reviewed. This means that each state is reviewed every four years. Countries that are members of the UNHRC are reviewed at some point during their term of membership.

The UPR is an opportunity to report on what the Government has done in Sweden for human rights in all policy areas. One factor that distinguishes a UPR process from a normal hearing in UN convention committees is that it is conducted by UN Member States and not by non-political human rights experts. During a review, the country under review receives questions and recommendations from the other countries, and it can subsequently choose whether to accept or reject the recommendations. Recommendations that are accepted are followed up the next time the country is reviewed. Sweden accepted 106 of 150 recommendations of the UPR in 2010.

Find UPR documents regarding the review of Sweden