The different ombudsmen monitor compliance with human rights. Any person who feels that they or anyone else has been treated incorrectly or unfairly by a public authority or official at a government or municipal authority can lodge a complaint with the Parliamentary Ombudsmen, also known as the Ombudsmen for Justice. All Ombudsmen today are appointed by the Riksdag.

The Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsmen was established in 1809. The Office receives almost 6 000 complaints of various types each year. Inquiries can also be initiated by the Parliamentary Ombudsmen, following observations made during inspections. The Parliamentary Ombudsman has the authority to act as special prosecutor and initiate legal proceedings against officials for misconduct or for some other violation of their obligations in the exercise of their duties. This only occurs in very rare cases, however. The Parliamentary Ombudsmen also have the right to initiate disciplinary action against an official for neglect of duty, as well as to make statements that are critical, guiding and/or advisory in nature.

Certain supervisory functions are also exercised by the Chancellor of Justice, who is appointed by the Government. The duties of the Chancellor of Justice include examining complaints and setting claims for damages directed at the State.

Equality Ombudsman
The Office of the Equality Ombudsman was formed on 1 January 2009 when the four previous anti-discrimination ombudsmen were merged into a single government agency. The previous agencies were the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman, the Office of the Ombudsman against Ethnic Discrimination, the Office of the Disability Ombudsman and the Ombudsman against Discrimination because of Sexual Orientation. The Office of the Equality Ombudsman is a government agency that seeks to combat discrimination and promote equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone.
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Ombudsman for Children in Sweden
People under the age of 18 in Sweden have their own ombudsman, the Ombudsman for Children in Sweden.  The primary duty of the Ombudsman for Children is to promote the rights and interests of children and young people as set forth in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The agency monitors implementation of the CRC in Sweden, submitting bills for legislative changes and promoting application of the CRC in the work of government agencies, municipalities and county councils. The Ombudsman does not monitor other government agencies and, by law, is not able to intervene in individual cases.
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